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The best way to learn English is by speaking English. Honestly speaking.
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The Lucky Mushroom Method

You know learning a new language is effortless when you're young. Compared to when you try to learn that same language when you're already an adult it seems so hard.

Our teaching approach triggers and activates more parts of the brain.

It's the same technique used in early language development teaching for kids.


Our learning approach is conversational.

And your conversations in English will feel as effortless as in your own language.

You will soon be speaking with your clients and sharing your ideas in meetings.

And making important decisions in the boardroom, all in English.

​You too can take your English to the next level. 

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6 persons in small groups maximize quality speaking time

You want to be active in the virtual online classes or the real-world classes. This is why our classes are never larger than 6 people.

We limit the classes to 6 participants plus the trainer. Because this allows you to have quality time engaging with your instructor.

If you want to increase your speaking exposure, you can book a private one to one class.


This is also useful if you have a tight schedule that we need to accommodate to.

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Feel the energy and motivation to help you keep you learning

You will have fun learning English and we will laugh a lot together. Because we'll speak about what matters to you most.
You live in an exciting world with other people you experience fun situations with. The people and situations you discover around you are the basis of our conversations.

Remember, speaking English doesn't start when you get to work nor stop when you leave the office.

Talking about your favorite vacation is as important as convincing presentations at work.

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Continue the conversation online with other students

The Lucky Mushroom Real World English courses continue after class online. In our blog, forum, and members area, you can continue the conversation with your peers.
About Lucky Mushroom Trainer
Mr. Leo Slater has been an English trainer in the Rhein-Main area for 20 years. Together with Lucky the puppet Mushroom Leo has developed a fun way for kids to learn English. These techniques are useful for adult learning too.

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