Your "Two Cents" Can Add Up To Some Real Change!

Public opinion is at odds with itself about personal opinion.

I believe that tearing down statues of public figures is vandalism! I believe that statues of tyrants and slave drivers draped in the cloth of patriotism are both offensive and insensitive and should be removed! The exclamation points are because both of these opinions are dear to me and I would fight tooth and nail in defense of both. According to public opinion, I am not allowed to have one of those opinions while clinging to the other. I have been accused of being a lot of things, but not having an opinion has never been one of them. But this is not about my two cents it is about yours.

Every person that has ever picked up a penny from the ground can relate the sense of nostalgia one feels when you find a penny. One becomes suddenly aware of the here and now and ironically one doesn't spend a great deal of time contemplating the penny's value. The penny's true value can't accurately be measured at that moment, because it reminds me of luck and abundance. I find that there is still something magic about a shiny penny lying on the ground. Sometimes I consciously leave them for others to discover and experience their own good fortune, but this is not usually the case. Well, now I would like to collect your two cents in that same fashion.

Every person that has ever picked up a penny can relate to the sense of nostalgia one feels when you find a penny. One is suddenly jolted into the here and now though fully aware of the penny's intrinsic value. One is also aware of the fact that its true value can't accurately be measured.

I want to have your two cents!

Your two cents are like that shiny penny to me! I would like to pick them up and share them with my world. I will not polish them. I will take your two cents at face value. They will proudly be displayed so that other collectors can share in the sheer joy of having a treasure trove of pennies collected from all over the world! I will knock the dirt off of them for clarity. That is to say, if they have been given to me by a non-native speaker, I will ask for clarity as some may ramble as I do and it is not easy to articulate in a language that is not your own, especially for us ramblers.

"A penny saved is a penny earned

is one of the most common expressions with a reference to currency in the western world and it is in reference to its smallest unit of measure. It speaks to our frugality, a frugality that is perceived to have been passed down from generation to generation. I believe that your two cents far outweigh the intrinsic value of any penny anywhere on this planet. I would like to save them. I would like to have a collection of them to properly reflect our opinions so that they can be used as a currency to bring about change. A penny saved is indeed a penny earned and with this blog, forum and The Lucky Mushroom I hope to collect enough to remind future generations that we never stopped communicating what was in our hearts and minds to one another. It's always a collection of thoughts that brings about change. I would like to do my part the best way I can by collecting and sharing every two cents that some kind soul was generous enough to share.

All those two cents being shared can really add up to change, real change!

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