What's Happening at Lucky Mushroom?

Communication, language education and entertainment know what I'm sayin'!?

Luck Mushroom has been very busy indeed and is ready to serve in your time of need.

In 2020 Lucky Mushroom had planned to launch our Kinder English "live" program here in Germany. However, Covid-19 threw a monkey wrench into that plan. Unfortunately, we were only able to do one live camp and our Hashemo's Haus program featuring Lucky , the mushroom puppet, was indefinitely placed on hold.

I'm pleased to announce that our live courses will be held! We are offering a hybrid learning experience for our young learners here in Germany. For now the courses will only be offered live through our partner school Taunus Lingua in Schwalbach, Germany. Our hygienic concept has be modified to allow groups of up to 10 children. Seven live at our facility in Schwalbach Germany and 3/4 online participants.

For more information on our English Fun Camps from Apr. 6 to Apr. 16, 2021 contact:

Taunus Lingua Am Kronberger hang 2, 65824 Schwalbach am Taunus

Tel: 06196 95342

E-mail: info@taunuslingua.de

or visit:


Lucky Mushroom is also happy to announce the start of our Lucky Mushroom Hip Hop courses. For more information and starting times please go to:


or contact Taunus Lingua.

Luck Mushroom also has some music in the pipeline with the launch of our Lucky Mushroom Kinder Music program and some upcoming releases from Icy Bro!

Lucky Mushroom is looking forward to entertaining you and helping you with all of your ESL needs!

Be on the look out for Hashemo's Haus and the Lucky Mushroom Puppet this summer live and online.

Lucky Mushroom will keep you posted. Stay safe, stay happy, and stay open to communicate.

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