Shut up white lady!

I know that the title of this blog sounds confrontational but as a good friend of mine used to always say, "Hear me out" first.

I am not only an English trainer and coach, but I am also a rapper. I feel that it's important to state that here on my blog if only to justify the strong language and somewhat provocative title of my latest song called "Shut up White Lady". In fact, that's what this blog is all about. I would like to offer a little insight into the meaning of the song.

As a rapper, I have never been shy about being provocative. Nor have I ever skirted the issues of the day. In fact only recently rediscovered some old recordings of mine that bring home the fact that I have always been, for lack of a better term, woke. I will write another blog post on terms like woke but today's post is about "Shut up white lady". Like most rappers, I unapologetically love hyperbole, the gratuitous use of simile/ metaphor, and I have a willingness to use dreaded the f-word repeatedly as demonstrated in the refrain.

There is a myth that songwriters don't like telling people what their songs are about. There is also a presumption that because rap is spoken, it doesn't need explaining. Once again I find myself digressing. I promise that in the next paragraph I will simply start explaining the song. So buckle up and enjoy, I will try to be brief.

The white lady in the song title is the media! I mean that figuratively of course, but I understand why some might take the term literally as white ladies are often the speakers for causes have tended to galvanize. She spins stories to like tornadoes and often leaves nothing but destruction in the wake. She is both sides of the coin and comes up spinning no matter how she lands. The white lady (media) amplifies an opinion and screams it at a pitch that others are incapable of matching or mimicking then she sits back and enjoys the ensuing melee of clashing public opinions. In the refrain of the song, the reference (white lady) refers to big media outlets.

It doesn't matter if it is an issue that she has never been confronted with or even ever heard of. She will become its chief pontificator and there always seems to be another white lady with her own set of powerful lungs and a pitch to match the first white lady's. So the world listens to the two white ladies disagree in their love-filled high pitched voices that tend to either drown out others or compel them to join one of her ever-growing hashtag choirs. The bulk of my song, "White lady Shut up", was written years ago, before the white lady decided to care enough about any current issues making headlines today. Islam, for example, was not being demonized and democrats were supporting the P.M.R.C. The world has not changed but political affiliations have. There I go digressing again, I'll try and get back on track and bring this thing home in the next paragraph.

Contrary to popular belief there is not a spokesperson for black America. Yet every article, meme, or hashtag that I have come across from the white lady regarding race implies that there is a general consensus in the black community; on every issue! It is often implied that we feel, think, act, and vote the same. I am not a political activist and I have never been but I have always loved including issues that are deemed as political or cultural in my music. I don't blame, I question. I try not to talk when it's time to listen. In a nutshell, "White Lady Shut Up" is about that last statement. We could all pick up a lot if all of us would just shut for a moment and stopped reposting the white lady's hashtags. If you find yourself offended by the song title even after reading this post, join the dialogue and add your two cents.

That's what "Shut up white lady" is all about. It's a song and like most artists, I would like people to listen to it. It is not an attack on anything or anyone despite its title. Let's be honest if it were called, Shut up "anything else" it probably wouldn't be viewed as controversial at all. And you would not know that in 1989 a young rapper from Baltimore equated money to demons seducing America's inner-cities and smart bombs dumbing and numbing all of us to the atrocities of war without pointing a finger. So yeah "Shut up white lady"!

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