Lucky Mushroom Presents: The Little Girl in The Blue Dress

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

In today's post, your two cents are welcome as usual. However, it is all about Lucky Mushroom's latest addition to the family and she comes with her own family.

It gives me great pleasure to introduce, The Little Girl in The Blue Dress!

The Little Girl in The Blue Dress is the main character from a host of characters that Lucky Mushroom has created to engage and entertain children.

She will embark on adventures with her friends Fred the Frog, Mr. Roy G. Biv, and Lamele the Bumble Bee to name a few. Her adventures take her to the four corners of the earth and beyond. Armed with only the power of her imagination and child's unconditional love she introduces children to all manner of new vocabulary and concepts. She is not restricted by the laws of physics and her friend, the very colorful, Mr. Roy G Biv can bring colors to life!

The Little Girl in The Blue Dress is unapologetically in love with the universe and everything in it. "Red is red and blue is blue, every day there's something new", is one of her favorite quotes from her friend Lucky. With that attitude, she sets out to discover whatever the day has to offer.

She is very mischievous and does not always follow the rules. This sometimes gets her into trouble at home as is the case in her first story, Who Ate The Blue Berry Tarts, which will be available soon!

Lucky Mushroom is a very public and accessible company that is also unapologetically optimistic about the human condition and the capacity found in each individual to love. So it is really a great pleasure to introduce The Little Girl In The Blue Dress.

Part of the profits from her adventures goes to Hashemo's Haus, a nonprofit organization committed to making English accessible to children across the globe regardless of socio-economic status through a series of films featuring the Lucky Mushroom puppet.

I am looking forward to taking you along on these adventures.

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