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Updated: Sep 1, 2020

I am Lucky Mushroom, literally and figuratively that pretty much sums up what this blog post is really about.

I have a lot of theories about brands, that seems like a weird way to start but it's the truth. Every marketing guy on the planet will try and tell me that I should pick a better logo, a better description, a better representation of my brand, and target an audience. I always laugh to myself when I listen to them talk because I am Lucky Mushroom. Lucky Mushroom was not made up. Lucky Mushroom was born!

All of my friends and family know my name. They know that I am proud of my name. In fact, to say that I am very proud of my name is putting it too mildly. There are not many people on this planet that can truly appreciate what it means to be proud of a name.

My earliest childhood association with names comes from my grandmother Mrs. Beaulah Mae Rhodes calling me Spock! That's right! A young black woman had the courage, audacity, the nerve to name her firstborn son Leonard Nimoy. I understand that this might not mean a lot in some circles outside of The USA.

Beaulah Mae's Daughter, June Elaine Slater, gave birth to a baby boy in January of 1968 and she decided to give him/ me that name. To really grasp it take a look at the calendar for that year and the year before! In 1967 the decision was made. Take a look at the calendar! Google racism, pandemics, hunger, shortages, injustice 1967-68. I am aware that I might have already lost the Millenials and most of generation X but I think most will understand where I am going with this. She named her African-American son Leonard Nimoy (Spock) after the actor that played First Officer and Science officer on a spaceship being navigated by Russians, with an African American woman as head of communications, and a Chinese officer at the helm!

At an early age, I was encouraged to examine all manner of things without being hindered by human emotion but to be ever aware of its presence. I was encouraged to deal with things logically so I did. Some adults thought that I was a strange kid indeed until they heard my name. I know that this might sound like an exaggeration to some but imagine for a second that your grandmother called you Spock and it was was really your name! Adults rarely spoke to me as if I were a child. They actually tried to explain things to me logically for as far back as I can remember and they didn't seem bothered or annoyed when I called them out.

Live long and prosper is what I hear when I travel regardless of what the world is experiencing. I have traveled at the craziest times. Live long and prosper! My passport has often been read in disbleief. The rudest security personnel can't help but smile and make the Vulcan hand sign. I have had this experience at almost every airport that I have visited.

I was allowed to take six girls to my first dance at the age of nine. No adult could explain to me why I could not take all of the girls in the neighborhood that I liked.

Not when little Spock looked them straight in the eyes and said,"It's supposed to be fun and they said we could bring girls so I asked some to come and they have all said yes!". Once while attending bible study with my grandmother and yes I did that, the old church ladies loved to hear little Spock read the word. I would read a few verses, then we'd go over what I had read with Ol' Rev (the reverend) and we would attempt to interpret the verses as a group. My grandfather, Papa, sometimes sat quietly in the corner. I don't actually remember now if he was there the whole time or just at the end, sorry I digress. I have always wanted to write and say that! Ol' Rev always gave the final nod of approval, his blessing, excuse the pun. One evening I was reading the verse about offenses and turning the other cheek. but I was shocked by what I had been reading. I remember that I continued reading but did the math in my head and thought, out loud, if somebody offends you every day, they could run out of time really quickly and you could offend them back! My grandfather used to love reminiscing on that day; he fondly called it the day Bro stomped Ol Rev.

Again I digress. Where were we? I am Lucky Mushroom and this is my assessment of our current reality, the status report. This planet of full of natural recourses, and regardless of how time in interpreted here, this could not possibly be the end of it. I am detecting abnormal amounts of fear in the atmosphere at the moment and most of it is unwarranted. It's almost as if it has been forgotten that love is powers the human experience. Because of the prime-directive, I can not interfere. There is no holodeck yet though, humans have the technology to construct it but we have not tapped into the power of love and the infinite possibilities that come with it. As a species, we still haven't realized that you can indeed grow without economic growth. As Lucky Mushroom I can engage the planet with love and demonstrate that meaningful growth is a natural byproduct. I will treat this planet like a giant holodeck to engage them. A brand is a concept that most humans understand in this time-space continuum. I will engage the planet in a space that humans call the internet as a character called Lucky Mushroom. An African American male in 2020 with nothing but love in his heart for life itself. Too personal? Maybe. Too clumsy? Perhaps. I am Lucky Mushroom digital yet 100 percent human.

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