Tense, tense, tense!

Updated: May 26, 2020

Location, location, location. That's what we hear from real estate experts worldwide. As a language expert I believe that we can master the current crisis and any other with clear meaningful communication. Lucky Mushroom is here. Let's communicate! Firstly, let me tell you a little about the Lucky Mushroom approach.

The Lucky Mushroom method is inspired by music and I am especially fond of jazz and hip hop because of their inherent room for improvisation. When artists "jam" together they look for cues and those cues are usually found in the beat. As long as your timing is right and you trust your instrument, you can jump right in. If you feel like you master your instrument and you feel the beat, you are always welcome to join a jam session.

When communicating in English the rules of a "jam session" apply. You don't need sheet music, just jump right in when the opportunity presents itself. You will recognize that opportunity by listening to the beat as the beat dictates the time. In English, if you know what "tense" to use, you can always join the conversation.

If the speaker is equipped with a firm grasp of the importance of the role tense plays when communicating in English, the listener will be able to speak to any speaker, both native or non-native with confidence. Comprehension is not where most non native speakers are lacking. In my opinion the bigger issue that most non native speakers face is almost always about context and the tenses.

The Lucky Mushroom Real World English approach deals chiefly with those two aspects of learning. We do explore other aspects of grammar but always with an eye on context and tense. Communication is like a song and we must remain on the same sheet of music or there will be unnecessary disharmony. However, if you would like to join a jam session, you have to know what time it is. Time is dictated by tense, tense, tense.

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