Can Creativity Be Taught?

Some researchers and educators respond to this question with a resounding YES, while their contemporaries say NO, creativity can only be nourished but never taught.

I think that I will start this post with a disclaimer. I am not a researcher, nor am I an educator in the traditional sense of the word. I am a very opinionated English trainer/ coach that feels compelled to add my two cents on every issue that I feel passionate about.

Welcome to Lucky Mushroom. I hope that you enjoy this post. I also hope that you feel the desire to add your own two cents after the read.

So, can creativity be taught? I don't think so.

Before you go flying off the handle, hear me out. I belive that we are all born with an active imagination for lack of a better term. Provided we are given the space to allow that imagination to develop, creativity is formed. In other words, when our imaginations are fed, creatvity is a natural by product. But I do not believe that it is taught to us, it simply surfaces under the right conditions. For some people creativity then remains very close to the surface and can be easily accessed.

I do not believe that thinkers like Miles Davis, Pablo Picasso, or Einstein were taught creativity. I believe that they were simply born with it as we all were, in them it simply remained close to the surface.

As a rapper, I have often witnessed this clash in ideoligies.

Some people think that in rap all you have to do is put togehter a string of words that rhyme. Very little thought is given to the creative process and the result is gibberish or mindless chatter. Some of it commercially successful I have to shamefully admit.

I have been to many a recording session where the mindset was. " OK we have 16 bars, that's rap jargon for the typical amount of time you actually here the rapper in the average son, "And we need to fill them up". So in what they believe is a creative process, they string together a series of words that rhyme and have the right pitch for the song, and; voila! a rap track is born! You have a complete song but I would hardly call that the product of somebody's creativity. Why not? It is too scientific to be considered creative in the classical sense. No brain or heart is involved in the process, just a music program and an algorithm. This is my two cents if you disagree, add yours.

I like trying though so contrary to everything I said above I believe that we should keep trying to teach creativity.

Creativity is the one of those things that I believe we should continue to foster and attempt to teach no matter how clumsy our efforts are. All learners will either appreciate or benefit from those efforts. It is similar to breathing techniques. We are all born knowing how to breathe, then some guru comes along and introduces an apspect of breathing that surprises us. It benefits us. It pumps us up or calms us down. I believe the same can be said about teaching creativity. Teaching it really could be beneficial for us all, especially those that think they are not creative. After all, we are born creative beings.

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