Call me crazy but I still think there is hope for us!

Call me crazy but after spending a month working with young kids aged 5-8 at our Lucky Mushroom Kinder English Summer Camp, I am happy to report that the world is still a place of magic and possibility for our children.

I hadn't worked with kids in years so I had forgotten the pure delight that a child is absolutely unashamed of expressing when learning something new; even if that something new is contrary to what the child had always believed. I am not speaking of anything that one would consider philosophical or that has the epiphanous nature of the discoveries we make as the " complex individuals" that we have all grown up to become. No, these discoveries are actually more earth-shattering than anything we can fathom with all the mental and intellectual shortcomings that come with being an adult.

Those of you that know my blog also know that I have a tendency to digress, so apologies to all those just becomming acquainted. I know the title of this post is, "Call me crazy" but observing the kids was like a trigger hence the digression.

They reminded me that we are in this thing called life together. We have a space that we share and we have all the resources we need. To watch them share their most treasured resources which consisted of everything from crayons to candy was absolutely refreshing to behold. They reaffirmed for me that contrary to popular belief it is indeed love and not money that makes the world go round.

Furthermore, in the community of children, the love of life and natural curiosity can not be suppressed and refuses to be contained. When a child sees a butterfly, ladybug, or a grasshopper it can not and will refuse to accept business as usual. All things must come to a halt, these are still magical creatures in the eyes of a child. That grasshopper, ant, ladybug must be nourished fed and loved immediately. No parent, guardian, nor teacher can, in my humble opinion, or should even try to suppress their unquenchable sense of love and wonder. Besides any attempt to do so is rendered futile by the collective. Especially when encountering some of the smallest members of our "community of life. These curious hungry little minds with hearts bigger than most of ours reminded me of what we have not what we don't have.

I find the following statements to be true. If you disagree and would like to add your two cents, pleae feel free to do so they would make us all two cents richer.
So call me crazy but:

The concept of a so-called "race war" in America is just plain insanity. There are too many brothers of different races. Don't get our politics mixed up with our families. Some of my brothers are white, some are black and some are Hispanic and we won't let anyone fear us into thinking otherwise. We are actually red white and blue. We are brothers and sisters and we are united! Regardless of what you think or believe to know.

Just because capitalism has its shortcomings doesn't mean we are willing to throw democracy out the window with it. In America, we are a democracy first and we happen to embrace capitalism. We are not willing to replace our democracy with any other ism. When it comes to the various forms of capitalism we are a bit more flexible. It's actually more than just "the economy stupid"; It's also the constitution and our love for it, at least the principals thereof. We are unshakeable on this issue, again regardless of what you think or believe to know.

There are enough resources. I am not a climate denier nor am I a sign-carrying activist. I do however believe that mother earth has enough resources for us all and if we wouldn't simply squander them, we wouldn't have to constantly be burdened with the fear of losing them. We are learning and continue to learn to be more equitable with our brothers and sisters. We will find a way that doesn't include depopulation. It is simply not necessary.

The future is not to be feared. I actually see an opportunity for us as a species to do better. Maintaining a national identity is nothing to be feared in a truly global economy, it is to be celebrated. The U.S.A. has always known that its strength lies within its diversity. I find this to be true on a global scale as well. That is why when a well-known pastor called John Gray said, I see color and I celebrate the diversity that God has blessed us with, I have to agree. I don't speak with his eloquence so I am paraphrasing. But I am also not color blind, I also celebrate the beauty and diversity of God's creation. She did a splendid job.

Economies can shrink. When local vendors have all vacated the market to make room for a few global players the growth model is broken. When the entrepreneurial spirit of national markets no longer exists in a national market, the growth model is broken. When a local entrepreneur has a product that she would like to take to the local market but can not because her product is made for the local market and thus she can not get financing because the local market simply is not attractive enough for the banks, the growth market is broken. A cornerstone of capitalism is the profit motive and it must be felt all the way down to the local level. If a local entrepreneur does not feel that she can take her product to market because it will only be embraced by the local market or replaced by something from a multi-national, the growth model is broken. COVID-19 has forced a lot of us to rediscover the local market and that is good. The media is preoccupied with global economic growth and claim that we should be afraid or at least worried. I do not and will not subscribe to the notion of fearing local vendors and I have faith in the entrepreneurial spirit of local markets. I am not a nationalist in the political sense of the word nor am I an economist but I find nothing wrong with local entrepreneurs catering to a thriving national market.

I could go on and on about the sense of optimism that one experiences when teaching children and learning from them at the same time. They remind one of the beautiful simplicity of being. They work and play very hard and are unafraid of learning. That natural curiosity and love of life always seem to get the best of them and bring out the best in them.

Call me crazy but I think a child-like love and curiosity is the true essence of being one this planet. We will not let isms of any kind prevent us from loving and sharing with one another. I don't fear the future, I fight for it and look forward to it for the children. I unapologetically do not submit to those grim predictions about the future and I do not fear currency. We all know that it can never replace our sense of wonder, none of the children from our summer camp would have sold you a grasshopper. They are to be nourished, loved, and protected. Call me crazy but I tend to agree with the children.

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