Biden/ Harris vs Trump Pence, White Privilege vs Black Perception

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

We preach love all the time but rarely are we willing to embrace it. Most coaches and spiritual leaders today speak of the power of letting go as if there is nothing worth holding on to.

I hope that you are ready for a ride because this is going to be a bumpy one and I am sure that some feathers will get ruffled.

I'm sure that some readers are already thinking, "What does the subtitle have to do with Election 2020"?

Well, actually a lot. Many U.S. citizens are contemplating putting into practice what most contemporary gurus are preaching. They have become so put off by modern-day politics, Biden's pic for VP more recently, that they are willing to just let go. They are ready to move past the election and just let go by not voting. The ramifications of letting go aren't really being explored. I would dare say that when our gurus pontificate letting go, rarely do they elaborate on the next step. We are told that things will simply fall into place.

Other readers are probably asking themselves what this has to do with white privilege or black perceptions thereof? I can hear the guru saying, white brothers and sisters let go of the concept of white privilege my children, you are not the spiritual debt holders for sins of your fathers. You are in fact underprivledged.
My children of color, let go of the concept of any and all of your perceptions of prejudice and privilege. My black and brown children the playing field is now level . Do not allow yourselves to remain shackled by the past. Never speak of your perception again. Let go!
I sympathize with both gurus but do not subscribe to either notion of letting go as mentioned above.

I have not forgotten Trump/ Pence. The gurus from that camp preach, let go of his statements that are incendiary to some and provocative to others, to say the least. Grab your fellow supporters by the; hand and let go.

It might come as a shock to some but not all of my readers when I state here again that on some level I agree. We should indeed let go. But I think we should do it without completely letting go. How do we do that? We do that by practicing what we preach; we let go but we remember that we also should love. Letting go without remembering to love is folly. It was our love of our democracy that brought Trump to power. It was that same love that motivated Biden to pick Harris. That very love should be taken with us to the polls.

Contrary to popular belief, I think it's quite alright to love, for lack of a better term, one's country and system of government.

I am not going to go on about whether or not white privilege exists. To some it feels as tangible as a rock yet to others it is as abstract as theoretical physics. Having said that, if it is a part of your black, brown, yellow, red, and every other politically correct and incorrect color used to describe your brothers and sisters, remember that they also love you and it feels real to them. Though you do not feel a sense of privilege, please do not simply dismiss your brothers' and sisters' concerns. We can all truly let go when we hear each other out. That is easier said than done is a favored response. I think that when the power of love is involved it is not as difficult to listen to one another as some would have us believe.

I have always been astounded by how easy it is for people to hate. What really never ceases to amaze me is that people claim that their God loves unconditionally and that we were all crafted in his image. Most people and most of our contemporary gurus claim that letting go is in fact the act of loving one's self thus, it's quite alright if it is perceived as an act of hate. In fact, concerned citizens are often referred to as haters. The more audacious your behavior, the more hate you will generate is what is preached and practiced. We are teaching our children that this is acceptable behavior and hate is a by-product of self- love. I believe the opposite to be true. The more you truly love yourself, the more conscious you become of how you treat others but that's another blog.

"Letting go" the way it is often being preached today boils down to having a more callous position with those in need, dismissing the opinions of others, putting people into nice little pigeon holes, ignoring your own emotional intelligence, not caring for your fellow man, basically throwing out the baby with the bathwater in almost every conceivable way. The false sense of self-love seems to be the only common denominator. All I'm saying is that perhaps we should think it over first.

I promise you that after I'm done with this post I will let go.

This post was hastily written and published on a warm summer evening. If you find errors, let it go and hold on to the fact that the author will bravely and unapologetically hold on to his love for humanity. This is my two cents, looking forward to collecting yours.

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