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KINDER ENGLISH | Learn English and Have Fun With Lucky



KINDER ENGLISH | Give your child the gift of English as a life long companion


The best way to learn English is by first starting when you are a child.
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The Lucky Mushroom Method

We at Lucky Mushroom Kinder English know that learning a new language at an early age is effortless compared to when trying to learn a new language when you are already an adult.

We also feel that it’s important to remember that speaking English does not start and stop in a classroom.


By learning to speak English at a young age, English becomes a second language as a life long companion.

Your child can take their English to the next level.


Discussing what you are having for dinner can be just as important as getting perfect grades in English at school and going abroad to study later.

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We strive to keep to these 4 learning principles

“Classes” should not be large that’s why classes are limited to a maximum of just 6 participants plus the trainer.
Your child will have fun learning English because Lucky the Mushroom is a fun character that will make your child laugh.
Lucky lives in an exciting fantasy world with other characters and together they experience fun adventures where they discover the world around them.

Lucky is a smart character and likes to speak in rhymes. This makes remembering phrases fun and easy for your child.

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We Work With Early Child Development Experts

We will visit your school or kindergarten and bring Lucky along with us to teach a fun interactive lesson.

About Lucky Mushroom Trainer
Mr. Leo Slater has been an English trainer in the Rhein-Main area for 20 years. Together with Lucky the puppet Mushroom Leo has developed a fun way for kids to learn English.

Contact us to arrange an appointment today.

If you are a parent or guardian

We will help you find the school closest to you where there is a Lucky Mushroom English course. Alternatively, you can put us in touch with your school or kindergarten for us to offer early development English courses at your preferred location.

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