Lucky Mushroom helps you reduce the time you spend on learning English while having fun!



The step-by-step learning system we use to make you speak fluent English and have conversations about any topic in 90 days or less. (Even if you've struggled to pronounce words in English in school.)


Select Your Course

Choose between Kinder English, HipHop English Summer School, or Real World English

Happy Kids with Books

Kinder English

(Kids 5 to 12 years)

Record Piles

HipHop English

(Teenagers 13 to 19 years)

Smiling Businesswoman

Real World English

(Professionals 18 to 99 years)

Lucky Mushroom offers English courses for Kids at an early age so your child gets a head start in school and a good job in the future.
HipHop English for teenagers is super fun and they will learn how to record their own song in the music studio! How cool is that!

If you are a professional trying to advance in your career, chances are speaking English confidently could be the difference between getting that next raise or position you know you deserve.


Our English learning method empowers you to reach a fluent level of conversation faster and enjoy your time in both formal and informal conversations.

  1. Harness the power of music to activate your language learning capabilities

  2. Real-time conversation situations in a safe and playful environment

  3. Immediate feedback so you can learn and improve

  4. Manage your ability to speak about different topics



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