Lucky Mushroom English Beyond Grammar



I am happy to announce that Lucky Mushroom Real World English is now a proud subsidiary of  Lucky Mushroom Kinder English LLC!



Lucky Mushroom Real World English isn’t a radical new look at English. It’s simply English taught from the soul, to and for the soul.

That doesn’t seem like the appropriate way to start an essay on the philosophy behind an English teaching / training/coaching method. However that is the simple philosophy behind Lucky Mushroom’s approach to grammar. It goes beyond looking at English that adheres to learning cases, instead it focuses more on the learner’s desire to be understood by increasing the learner’s awareness of time (the tenses) and lexical choices.

We all come equipped with our own unique set of capabilities; and you may not believe that the ability to speak English is one of yours. At Lucky Mushroom our aim is to help you express yourself clearly when communicating in English, so that you can convey your own uniqueness on your own terms.

It starts with empathy, we don’t simply build a rapport with our course participants; we allow their dreams to become ours! That upcoming interview, is ours! That next test, is ours.! And we are ready!!!! And with Lucky Mushroom as your partner, we are going to kill it!

We might not be experts in your field but we share your passion for your projects. We can help you articulate what you need or want to say or write in real world English! This goes beyond grammar! Just as your project or interview goes beyond recognizing a vowel for a vowel or identifying a conditional clause.

Let us help you start expressing yourself sign up today!

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